18 Black Child Prodigies Mainstream Media Doesn’t Talk About


Zora Ball

At 7 years old, Zora Ball has become the youngest person to create a mobile video game. The Philadelphia native developed the game using programming language Bootstrap, usually taught to students between the ages of 12 and 16 to help them learn concepts of algebra through video game development.


Kelvin Doe

Sierra Leone has power lines, but they seldom deliver electricity. So 16-year-old whiz kid Kelvin Doe built his own battery using acid, soda and metal parts scavenged from trash bins that he now uses to light up area homes and help him work on his inventions.

Among other gadgets to his credit is a homemade radio transmitter with a generator that he uses to run his own community radio station under the handle DJ Focus.


Stephanie Asante

Asante came to the U.S. in the third grade and met her future business partner, Nshira Turkson, in the seventh grade. They collaborated on a class project, Goo Goo for Ghana, in April 2010, collecting toys and clothing. After shipping more than 250 items to a Ghanaian orphanage, they used the same business plan for their new nonprofit, Born From Love.

Asante, a senior at West Springfield High School who wants to study medicine, has Boston University, Tulane and Columbia universities in her plans for the future.

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  1. I think this is a great article and that the parents of these children should be congratulated on seeing the specialness in their children and nurturing that. I just know there are so many more children out there who have something very special but whose parents are just passing what they do off as cute instead of finding out whether or not they may have a Genius on there hands.

  2. The powers that be in this society as well as other countries, have no desire to depict melinated people such as these in a positive light. Keep in mind they have placed a great deal of thought and money into devising the plans that have resulted in motivating melinated youth in a manner and fashion that results in them not investing in themselves. Quite naturally they do not wish to bring attention or celebrate these young queens and kings for the awesome extraordinary shining souls that they are.

    The powers that be has invested a tremendous amount of thought and financial resources to create a generation of melinated youth into an undisciplined, directionless massive source of human driftwood, Whose purpose is to serve as a endless financial resource for the private prison industry.. For this reason they will avoid shining the light of attention on these brilliant young king and kings They utilized the power and influence of their media resources at every opportunity to display us to the world as incorrigible dysfunctional criminals..

    Thank you for this awesome post .

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