5 African-Americans Making an Impact in The Video Game Industry

Joseph Saulter
Joseph Saulter

Joseph Saulter

Company: Entertainment Arts Research/The Urban Video Game Academy

Joseph Saulter is somewhat of a big deal in the gaming and tech industries. He is CEO and co-founder of Entertainment Arts Research, which is the first African-American-owned 3D video game development company in the United States. Saulter is also founder of the Urban Video Game Academy, which was started to better prepare students in disadvantaged areas for postsecondary education and technology careers by teaching them the fundamentals of video game design and development.

Andrew Augustin

According to his bio: Andrew Augustin is an award-winning 2D illustrator, game designer and founder of Notion Games LLC, an independent game development studio specializing in fun 2D indie games. He has created the characters for The Sims 3 Pets (EA 2011) and is the creator of his own games such as Up Up Ubie, Super Ubie Land, Up Up Ubie Remix, Team Notion and many more.

Augustin’s work has definitely not gone unrecognized. He has been featured in multiple high-profile publications, and his game Super Ubie was on the list of The Top 10 HTML5 games of 2013 list from Gamasutra.

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