Bringing Unseen Worlds to Light: Interview with Fine Artist Fabiola Jean-Louis

blerd artist

What stories are you telling through these images? How do the stories come to you?

I’m telling the stories of the way I see myself in this world, that of my children, and my people. I’m telling the stories of growth, love, determination, sadness, oppression, passion, flight, sexuality, gender and social hegemony. To find these stories, I simply look within and see that I am a reflection of all of these things. Then, I look at the world.

What challenges have you had, if any, in pursuing this work? What has been the greatest benefit?

One challenge I’ve found pursuing this work is finding that the mass public is not used to seeing people of color represented in such a way through photography. I am aware that it may take a while before our magical faces and beings are accepted in this way, but I plan to be there every step of the way. Another challenge has been to maintain balance between my work and family life. I’m a workaholic and easily get lost in creating my worlds. Also, there is a business aspect of this that I am always engaged with. That said, family is extremely important to me and they need care and attention. Added to it all, I am also a full-time student! The greatest benefit is the emotional and spiritual healing I’ve experienced, as well as the immense honesty and creativity that is flowing through me. Also, my children think I’m pretty cool.

What are some of your upcoming projects?

Oh wow … I have to take a deep breath as I think of my upcoming projects. LOL. Currently, I am creating portraits for a few clients. Recently, I finally agreed to edit the work of others. This opened a slew of other possibilities! I have been contracted to edit images for a client in Singapore who is launching a makeup line is three months, as well as that for another. I am also creating 46 images for a play that will have a world debut in Washington, D.C., in March of 2015. In the midst of that, I am still working on my four series, and writing a book.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is the bending of time because I am consciously and spiritually an omnipresent being.

You can find more of Fabiola Jean-Louis’ work at

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