10 Top Tech Trends Breaking Out in 2014


Wearable Tech

From Google Glass to the Fitbit wristband, wearable technology has generated significant attention over the past year, with most existing devices helping people to better understand their personal health and fitness by monitoring exercise, heart rate, sleep patterns and so on. The sector is shifting beyond external wearables like wristbands or clip-on devices to “body-adapted” electronics that further push the ever-shifting boundary between humans and technology.


Agile Robots

Computer scientists have created machines that have the balance and agility to walk and run across rough and uneven terrain, making them far more useful in navigating human environments. Atlas, a humanoid robot created by Boston Dynamics and acquired by Google in December 2013, can walk across rough terrain and even run on a flat ground.

 iphone-5s-features-20130910Ultraprivate Smartphones

New smartphone models are built with security and privacy in the era of digital hacking. Mobile phones for the consumer market that transmit minimal personal information are in high demand. This is an important feature because governments, advertisers and hackers gather intimate details from cellphones.

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