12 Amazing Teaching Techniques That Can Be Used to Close the Education Gap



Storyboarding can be compared to spreading students’ thoughts out on a wall as they work on a project or solve a problem. Storyboards can help with planning, ideas, communications and organization. This method allows students to see the interconnections, how one idea relates to another and how pieces come together. Begin with a set of topic cards, and, under each, place header cards for general points, categories, etc. Under these, place sub-heading cards that will be contain ideas and details generated that support the headers.



DO IT stands for Define problems; be Open to many possible solutions; Identify the best solution and then Transform it into effective action. Ten catalysts or prompts are designed to help students with each of these steps. DO IT accelerates and strengthens one’s natural creative problem-solving ability and to stimulate a large number of good, diverse ideas. When time allows, students can take advantage of incubation (unconscious thinking) and research processes (find out what ideas have already been tried).