13 Blacks Influencing Technology In a Major Way Today


Stacy Spikes, Co-Founder, MoviePass

Stacy Spikes’ MoviePass is one of the most exciting things to happen to the movie business in awhile. It’s essentially Netflix for movies still playing in theaters.

Before co-founding MoviePass, Spikes was a longtime marketing executive who recently delved into the tech world. He’s considered one of the leaders of film entertainment marketing. Before starting MoviePass, Spikes founded the Urbanworld Film Festival, which is now the largest of its kind in the world. Urbanworld has premiered more No. 1 films than any other North American film festival, including Sundance and Tribeca.

MoviePass has taken $1.5 million in funding and has 12 employees.


41. Hamet Watt

Hamet Watt, Co-Founder, MoviePass

Hamet Watt is a former entrepreneur in residence at True Ventures. Before co-founding MoviePass with Stacy Spikes, he founded full-service media-buying platform NextMedium, and health app bLife.

MoviePass has taken $1.5 million in funding and has 12 employees.



Don Charlton, CEO, the Resumator

Don Charlton has changed the way hiring gets done online.

During the most recent presidential election, both President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney used the Resumator to handle all of the job applications coming in.

Before founding the Resumator, Charlton established himself as an award-winning interactive designer. The Resumator has taken $2.98 million in funding and has 44 employees.