6 Major Black ‘Star Trek’ Characters Who Were Scene Stealers


Lieutenant Tuvok

In Star Trek: Voyager, which aired from 1995 to 2001, Lieutenant Tuvok is the chief of security and chief tactical officer on the Starship Voyager.

Tuvok is a Black Vulcan. His character was often at odds with his “illogical” crewmates, especially Tom Paris, who was the white helmsman.

Paris was the privileged son of Admiral Paris, who ended up on Voyager to get out of prison. He served under Captain Janeway (white female), Commander Chakotay (American Indian), Commander Tuvok (Black male), Ensign Kim (Asian male), and Lieutenant Torres (Hispanic female).

In physical appearance, Tuvok (who was played by actor Tim Russ) resembles President Barack Obama. The media has repeatedly compared Obama to Vulcans and imputed Vulcan-like qualities of high intelligence and logical thinking to him.


Emory Erickson

In Star Trek: Enterprise, which aired from 2001 to 2005, Emory Erickson is revealed as the inventor of the transporter in the Star Trek universe.

In the Enterprise episode Daedalus, Erickson (played by Bill Cobbs) is seen working on a “sub-quantum transporter” to rematerialize his son Quinn who was lost in a transporter accident. Erickson’s biography inspired Trip Tucker, the chief engineer of the Enterprise NX-01, to become an engineer.

Without the invaluable leadership qualities and the scientific and technological contributions of African-Americans, humanity would have never traveled through interstellar space or survived armed conflict with hostile species from other parts of the galaxy.

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  1. Another would be Paul Winfield in the episode "Memory Alpha." He wasn't a regular character/cast member, but it was memorable. He played Darkmok, a Tamarian. The Tamarians spoke only in metaphor. To let Picard know that he was willing to discuss, he would say something like, "Darmok with arms wide open." Picard had to learn his language to communicate. One of the most ingenious and best episodes of ST: TNG and the late Paul Winfield was brilliant in the guest starring role.

  2. I would second adding the great actor William Marshall as the genius "Richard Daystrom" from the original series whose Daystrom Institute is mentioned often in later episodes of Star Trek. And you can't exclude Paul Winfield from one of the highest rated episodes of TNG, "Memory Alpha. This story about the importance of communication among people is on every list of top 10 episodes.

  3. Yeah seriously this list is waaaay too short and I can't fathom how they didn't include Whoopi Goldberg.

    …but what about the amazing Tony Todd! Not only as "Kurn" but his INCREDIBLE performance as Jake Sisko in "The Visitor!"

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