More Than Avengers: 13 Top Black Marvel Characters Of All Time


Luke Cage

Luke Cage, wrongly convicted and unjustly imprisoned, was altered in a failed prison experiment that granted him bulletproof skin and superhuman strength. With his street smarts, and unending determination to do right, he fights for the common man. He also has a wife and child, showing his nature as a family man.


James Rhodes (Iron Patriot)

James Rhodes is Tony Stark’s personal pilot and one of the playboy’s oldest friends. Rhodes has often donned the Iron Man armor when the burden has been too much for his friend, but has also established his own identity as the Iron Patriot.

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  1. Arie Mangrum says:

    Wow, this is pretty out of date. Sam Wilson is Captain America now, not the Falcon. James Rhodes is the Iron Patriot, not War Machine.

  2. I think the post was for African Americans who didnt know this info

  3. Miles is latino not black, and nick fury is white not black, that in the picture is his son nick fury jr.