9 New Game-Changing Technologies to Expect in 2015


Tech-Savvy Eyewear

For many businesses, this means access to a smart device that puts the Web and countless smartphone features right in your vision as you see the world around you. From sales professionals, who can instantly see a client file by looking at a person, to factory workers, who can access instructions right from their glasses, there is no limit to the capabilities of Google Glass. While the product is still mostly in testing phases — only select “Explorers” now have access to the product — by 2015, this gadget will be available to the masses, as reported by Forbes.


Expanded Internet Connectivity

The last two years has seen the release of connected smoke detectors, kettles, forks and more. In 2015, you can expect to hear much more about what many call “The Internet of Things,” as reported by Snap Fulfil. More of the objects and devices you use every day will become connected to the Internet and will be controllable with your smartphone or tablet. Expect more companies to start talking about how their phones and other devices will work with some of these connected objects.