10 of the Best-Paying Jobs For Math Lovers




Accountants are needed across different industries and sectors. Accountants prepare and analyze financial reports to assist managers in business, industry and government. The annual median salary is $63,175, and there is a 14 percent projected growth for the position!



Astronomers use principles of physics and mathematics to understand the workings of the universe. As the field of astronomy is always expanding and evolving, the demand for astronomers is increasing with a 15 percent growth and an annual salary of $96,228. 



Meteorologists study the physical characteristics, motions and processes of Earth’s atmosphere, as reported by Business Insider. Increasingly, in the age of climate change and global warming awareness, meteorologists are playing an even larger role in informing people of their impact. The annual average salary is $90,183, with projected growth and a low-stress environment.



A statistician’s job is to tabulate, analyze and interpret the numeric results of experiments and surveys. The annual median salary is $74,200. With STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields growing in importance and data continuously informing and changing the way we live, statisticians are increasingly in demand.


Financial Planner

According to Business Insider, financial planning relates to careers in portfolio management. The financial planner offers a broad range of services aimed at assisting individuals in managing and planning their financial future. The annual median salary is $107,222, and the work environment is great due to the low stress.



Business Insider states that an actuary “interprets statistics to determine probabilities of accidents, sickness and death, and loss of property from theft and natural disasters.” As the information age continues to expand, the actuary field is expanding at a rate of 29 percent through 2020 with a median salary of $91,211.