20 Amazingly Innovative Apps Created By Black Developers


My Social Mobile

Staying in touch with friends, family and business contacts is vital. My Social Mobile ensures users never miss another social media notification.

The service offers voice alerts whenever a new notification is received from the pre-selected social media websites. In terms of Facebook, users can set it up to receive alerts whenever selected friends update their status, users are tagged, friends comment on status updates and a lot more.


Iman Cosmetics 

Renowned supermodel Iman is the founder and CEO of Iman Cosmetics, which are designed for African-American, Latina and Asian women. The Iman Cosmetics app provides a “one-stop shop” for all your beauty needs using patented color-matching technology. This is perfect for a woman who loves makeup or has a hard time finding her shade. It’s easy to just upload your picture to the app and get customized Iman product recommendations that match your complexion and style.



Security and peace of mind are very important to all Internet users, especially if they make use of online banking. The Kasha.mobi app allows users to secure their data, providing services to store passwords and login details.

It saves any text message (SMS) in a secure location, so users can safeguard information contained in a text message.


Bill Organizer-Manage & Track Your Bills

Founder Blue Sodium Corp. and co-founders Nnanna Obuba and Chidi Oparah. This app can organize, track and manage your bills. It can sync among devices and its other features include reminders when bills are due, monthly money reports and a full history of all bills ever created. You can never go wrong with an app that helps you keep the bills paid, and it is great for people who like to actually see where their money is going.