7 Epic Comic Book Deaths That Deserve Far More Attention


D. Oswald Heist ‘Saga #17’
I don’t even know what to say about this dude right here. Heist was the realist to ever write it, man. When Alana and Marko came with their baby Hazel praising Heist for his novel, Heist saw that they got the actual message of his book “A Night Time Smoke.” Whereas everyone else wrote it off as trash. Heist doesn’t hesitate to help Marko and Alana, but more surprisingly is how he gets Klara to open up. Klara thought of him as a buffoon, but upon him mentioning losing his first wife in the Cartwright war (then his son) we see Heist get the compassionate side out of Klara as he can tell her husband (Barr) must have died recently. The saddest part to see was Heist and Klara’s attraction not getting to bloom. Heist proceeds to find himself being interrogated by Prince Robot IV. Heist kept him at bay as long as he could, even suffering a shot to the knee. When Klara jumps in for the save and takes a hit, Heist puts two rounds in Prince Robot and all seems well. Till Gwendolyn kicked open the door and them both not knowing each other with tension running Vin Diesel (fast and furious), Heist caught that blade through his eye (plus his mind’s eye).

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