3 Self Driving Cars That Are Propelling Us Towards A New Future


Self-Driving Delivery Trucks

As we look ahead, we see self-driving delivery trucks—we call them 21st-Century mules—delivering everything from your new jeans to a hot lunch, almost instantly. After receiving notification that “Cody” has arrived, you’ll simply walk to the curb, do a biometric scan, and receive your package, according to IDEO.

Wired reports, in this new world, your packages are tracked in real time, down to the second. No waiting around for a package to show up on your doorstep. This hyper-efficiency is augmented by its artificial intelligence. Cody uses algorithms to find the quickest route, and it can change destinations on demand. Need a package dropped at your office instead of home? No problem, just use the app to let Cody know.