7 Black Celebrities You Many Not Have Known Were Serious Gamers


Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is an athletic action movie star, so you probably wouldn’t picture him as being a nerd, but he totally is. He has admitted that he’s a gamer and he absolutely loves Dungeons and Dragons. He’s such a lover of video games that he owns his own company, Tigon Studio, that makes video games which star Diesel as the main character. How cool is that?



Xzibit is a big time gamer. As a matter of fact, he’s been on his social networking accounts many times posting up both of his gamer tags so people can take him on. Mostly, he’s a fan of first person shooter games, such as Call of Duty. However, he has a very impressive collection of video games. Xzibit was on the soundtrack for Madden 2001 and he was a character in NFL Street 2 and Pimp My Ride and two Def Fam: Fight for NY video games.

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