eBay Buyers Handing Over Thousands for Limited Edition iPod Classics

Many people thought some eBay shoppers were crazy for paying up to $20,000 for limited edition PlayStation 4s that were made to look like the older version, but there are actually some consumers who are forking over thousands to get their hands on actual iPod Classics that were released a decade ago.

Sellers have taken to eBay to get rid of their iPod Classics, but it turns out there is a pool of consumers who truly see one man’s trash as another man’s treasure.

A rare version of the classic iPod sold for $90,000 but the hefty price probably came from the famous autographs on the back rather than the device itself.

The iPod was a factory-sealed UK model of the U2 iPod, which was originally sold back in 2004.

The special edition iPod is black rather than the typical white design and has all four of the U2 members’ autographs engraved into the back of it.

Other U2 edition iPods that are not still factory-sealed are being sold for roughly $4,000 on Amazon although it isn’t clear how responsive buyers have been to the hefty price tag.

While the $90,000 iPod is the most expensive iPod Classic to be sold on eBay, some sellers are looking for much more for the dated device.

One seller placed a $180,000 price tag on his iPod Classic although it hasn’t found a home just yet—and it’s very likely that it won’t find one until the price is significantly reduced.

Buyers who are desperately trying to get their hands on the older iPods need to make sure they are buying it for nostalgia purposes and aren’t concerned about the devices functionality because there is a good chance that the batteries in these classic iPods don’t even work anymore.

Those that do will likely not perform as well as they did back in 2004 and repairing the device would be another challenge of its own.

After the iPod Classic was discontinued, Apple CEO Tim Cook explained that even he “couldn’t get the parts anymore, not anywhere on Earth,” according to Mashable.com.

If the device is still fully functional, however, buyers can expect up to 12 hours of battery life and will have 20 GB of storage.

For those who are still eager to get their hands on an older version of the iPod, Amazon sellers are offering up standard devices for roughly $500 and many users have already left comments claiming to have found even better deals elsewhere on the web.