5 Incredibly Insulting Defenses of Nerd Racism


‘If You’re Allowed to Change a Character’s Race Then Aren’t You Allowed to Change Everything?’

It’s the classic slippery slope logical fallacy – the idea that one change will lead to a bunch of other catastrophic and unrelated changes. In this case, if a character who was white in the comic is Black in the film then the entire story can and will be altered. One person who commented on Michael B. Jordan being cast as Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four reboot said, “While we’re at it…make Reed a short redhead, make Sue the tallest of the group, and give Ben Grimm a Southern accent so that, you know, they look and sound NOTHING like the Fantastic Four that has already been established for decades.” It’s important to realize the reason for the sudden racial changes in casting for comic books-turned-movies is the fact that many of the comics were created in a time that the general consumer did not believe Black people belonged in the comic book world. Now, many comic creators want to embrace diversity, and incorporating Black characters in the movie adaptations of the comic books is a pretty great way to do so.

5 Replies to “5 Incredibly Insulting Defenses of Nerd Racism”

  1. One thing about #5 ‘So Why Don’t You Make Black Characters White?’ is like when whites call BET and Black History Month racist. People who make these arguments ignore the fact that Blacks don't the get the recognition they deserve while their race gets the abundance of exposure in all categories

  2. My only disagreement would be the mention of comic fans only ranting and raving about changes when a white character is made white. Comic fans rage over any changes, ie: kryptonite not existing in the new superman, bane being whatever he was instead of Mexican in the new batman series, deadpool beings turned into whatever the fuck he was in the wolverine movie, or every single change to the fantastic 4 OTHER than a black human torch in the upcoming film. And those are just a few examples, not all comic nerds are racists, we're just a stickler for proper representation of comic lore lol. IDC what race the characters are personally, but cmon…bane was a fucking luchadore not a terrorist lol

  3. Um about the Black Johnny Storm and white sister ther are people who have twins one white and one black So why is it so far fetched

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