10 Black Celebrities Who Have Expressed Their Love For Anime

Pharrell anime music video

Pharrell Williams

From releasing an anime-inspired music video for “It Girl” to teaming up with artist Takashi Murakami for multiple animated videos that turned the super producer into an anime character himself, his passions are clear. Pharrell said as an artist he can’t help but appreciate Murakami’s animated work. In his “It Girl” video, several anime characters and other references can be seen popping up, including some from the all-time anime favorite, Pokemon.

Celebrities who watch anime

Frank Ocean

The R&B crooner delivered a small treat for his anime-loving fans when he came out with Channel Orange. He made several anime refences throughout the album with one of the crowd favorites being a reference to Dragon Ball Z on “Pink Matter.”

“This great grey matter/ Sensei replied, what is your woman/Is she just a container for the child/ That soft pink matter/ Cotton candy Majin Buu.”

For those who haven’t watched the show, Majin Buu is a giant, pudgy, pink character that appears consistently throughout the anime.

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