Top 11 Graphic Novels and Comics Of 2014 All Blerds Should Read



Genius by Marc Bernardin, Illustrated by Afua Richardson

When people talk of inner-city gangs, most are quick to point out the hopelessness of fighting over streets they don’t own. But…what if they did? Genius imagines a world where a teenage girl who is a military genius unites the gangs, lays claim to some blocks and secedes from the Union. Illustrated by the uber-talented Afua Richardson.

Kid Code

KID CODE: CHANNEL ZERO by Stacey Robinson, John Jennings, and Damian Duffy

Hip Hop and comics combine in Kid Code: Channel Zero. Kid Code and friends fight The Power, who eons ago, sampled the first sounds made from the God MC and created the Dark Mix (a version of the universe that was never intended). Racing against time throughout the universe the heroes try to assemble The Everlasting Cosmic Mixtape—nine tracks that can re-assemble the God Sample and help set things right.

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