8 Ways Blerds Can Have More of a Presence in Silicon Valley


diversity in tech

Companies Acknowledge Biases in the Hiring Process and Do Something About It

Solving the problem could really be as simple as acknowledging that there is a problem and taking the proper steps to move forward. Studies indicate that some employers tend to bypass potential employees who are women or people of color because they assume they will not be competent in the technology field. While making the field more diverse is a goal that some companies are striving for now, years of hiring executives excluding women and people of color have left the tech space struggling to become more inclusive.
diversity in tech

Hiring Staffs Stop Resorting to What’s Familiar

For some hiring executives, there is no blatant attempt to exclude certain races or genders. Instead, there is a subconscious bias that encourages them to connect with and hire people who look familiar or have similar backgrounds. Since the tech industry is already filled with white men, that comfort with familiarity often results in other white men being hired over their Black and female counterparts.

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