5 Black Artists Using Music To Inspire And Tackle Important Social Issues That You Should Know


Michael Franti

Michael Franti’s music has always been very politically conscious — listen to the lyrics of most of his songs, even the “happy” ones and you’ll walk away with the message of the importance of love and peace. Early in his career, with groups like Beatnigs and Disposable Heroes, Michael was very in your face. With his band Spearhead, though tempered, he is still trying to share a message. A couple of weeks ago he released “Same as it Ever Was (Start Today)” — a beautiful song encouraging people to be the catalyst for change.
If you haven’t taken the time to listen to his music at a whole, I highly recommend giving it try. Michael’s activism is amazing, may it be political or human issues such as Soles for Souls or even promoting the importance of adoption (he, along with another brother, was adopted).