3 Comics with Black Female Protagonists Who Deal with Real-Life Issues


‘Sleepy Hollow’

From Boom! Studios, Marguerite Bennett (“Logan’s Legacy,” “Angela: Asgard’s Assassin”) gives an adaptation of the Fox Television series Sleepy Hollow. For those of you who watch Sleepy Hollow, Bennett has done a really great job of capturing the complicated comical banter that comes from a man out of time with the looming reality of a great evil bringing hell to Earth via the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, that makes the show such a joy. It’s nice to have a comic with a Black female in the lead. Lt. Abbie Mills, along with the recently resurrected Ichabod Crane, are destined as the “two witnesses” that stand between the world and the Apocalypse.

However, I wish that someone could figure out how to represent a Black woman, who actually looks like a Black woman. From issue to issue, Lt. Abbie Mills (portrayed by Nicole Beharie) looks like a tanned Caucasian, and occasionally an Asian woman. And let’s not talk about her hair! With the full spectrum of colors available, why is it so difficult to draw and ink a petite, vertically challenged, weave-flinging Black woman? Despite the artistic challenge common to the comic book world, the first two comics in the limited series are stand-alone stories, that don’t require you to have watched the television series to understand what is going on to enjoy.

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  1. Seems like the first two examples are negative depictions of women of color, no?