8 Apps You’ll Need to Make the Most Out of Your Super Bowl Experience

Super Bowl apps


Fancred just might be the most important app for some fans. Before, during and after the game, social media will be jam-packed with trash talking, cheering, embarrassing GIFs and hilarious memes — we all know how quickly Black Twitter works with these things. If you’re on the losing end of the game, you might not appreciate all the jokes until you have some time to give yourself a pep talk. Fancred will allow you to log online and chat it up with other fans who were rooting for your team while avoiding all the people who have come away feeling victorious. Fancred will also pull in photos, news stories and other digital content about your team and keep you safely tucked away from anymore bad news.

NFL Apps

Super Bowl XLIX Digital Game Program

This is the perfect app for diehard football fans and football newcomers alike. It essentially helps boost the Super Bowl Sunday experience by giving users access to the official game program, recaps of the current season, exclusive video clips and more. So for the avid watcher, it’s a nice trip down memory lane to remember all the moments that led up to the Patriots vs. Seahawks showdown. For those who didn’t really keep up with the season, it’s a great way to get some quickie football knowledge before and during the game.

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