6 Things Companies Must Consider When Diversifying Their Workforce

Open the Field

Most organizations need to expand the pool of highly qualified candidates by using a variety of sources. Campus recruitment, for example, is a very good way to open things up. If companies recruit on campuses with a large number of African-American, Hispanic or female students, the diversification process becomes a lot easier. There are a lot of qualified candidates who may attend colleges off the radar.


Create a Workplace That Supports Workers’ Needs

Workers want to feel that their needs are being met and respected. In regard to diversity, new workers of all backgrounds are entitled to that same treatment and are more likely to be attracted to companies that care about their needs. For example, companies looking to increase the number of women in their workforce would prioritize expanding their paid leave policies for new parents. Also company leaders should think about equal pay for men and women as well as eliminating gender-biased performance reviews.

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