10 of the Most Incredible Things Science Is Doing With Sound


Sound Invisibility

While this technology doesn’t actually turn anyone or anything invisible to the eye, it’s groundbreaking in that it can completely cloak objects from sound. A device, which looks like a small futuristic pyramid, can be placed over any object in order to hide it from sound waves. According to the official reports from the Duke engineers, this could have major scientific implications for maximizing sound quality in concert halls or making objects completely undetectable by sonar.


Ultrasonic Welding

This seemingly futuristic form of welding was actually discovered back in the 1960s. Ultrasonic waves were successfully used to weld plastics together during this time by compressing two thermoplastic materials together on top of an anvil. These waves are then transferred to a horn that causes enough friction to generate large amounts of heat capable of melting certain materials. The technology was discovered on accident but has since thrived in today’s welding industry and seen impressive advancements along the way.

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