6 Ways To Create A Better Environment For Your Kids To Thrive



Hair Acceptance

My little one will never know the anxiety that comes from sitting in a chair in front of the stove on a Saturday night trying not to sweat while her mother presses her hair. Nope. Never. She won’t know that experience. I wear natural hair, so no painful hot combs. Hair is hair. What matters is the intellect beneath it.




No Pressure for Respectability

I understand that respectability in appearance, speech or mannerisms will not diminish racism. I center Blackness in our home in every way I can. I elevate positive images of Black people in ways that weren’t accessible to me as a kid, like in books, TV programming and dolls.

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  1. Thanks for letting me and wife know we are on the right track. I also teach the bible through home sunday school…helping them to understand the bible takes place in Africa.