10 Exceptional Black Women Who Are Changing the Face of Tech


Claudina Sarahe

Sarahe is the founder of Radical and the co-founder of Sass Conference. SassConf focuses on the front-end development, design and social networking between developers. She has a rich background in Web scale apps and front-end development. Sarahe has worked for Pop Art, The Huffington Post and Method. She has developed sitesĀ for Charlie Rose, PBS, Scholastic, Count Me In and LocalVox.


Kelechi Anyadiegwu

Anyadiegwu is the founder of Zuvaa. This site is an international Web-based marketplace for African style. Zuvaa also offers meaningful cultural stories about each designer. Anyadiegwu is a social media expert. She has worked with EA Sports, the Microelectromechanical Systems Sensors Trade Association and many others.

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