5 Ways the Stages of the Moon Have Been Said to Affect Creativity

Moon impacts energy

Becoming More Aware of Subconscious Feelings

Many art pieces and creative ventures are the result of the artist’s subconscious emotions and feelings, which some say makes full moons a great time to start creative projects. The downside, however, is that dealing with heightened emotions and subconscious thoughts could be a darker experience for those who are typically already emotionally sensitive. “During a full moon, subconscious thoughts and feelings are more likely to surface and if the content of those musings are not in alignment with one’s normal conscious reality, it could manifest in disturbing experiences,” writes Stacia Bliss, the senior editor of Health and Science at The Guardian Express. “The moon has a strong effect on our emotional nature and if you are already a sensitive person by nature, or have not learned how to detach from your emotions when necessary, full moons can be particularly vulnerable if not volatile.”

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