5 of the Richest Black Business People In America You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

a3peeblesR. Donahue Peebles

Net Worth: $350 million

Peebles’ company, The Peebles Corp., develops properties across America. In addition to working in real estate, Peebles has been an activist and novelist.

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  1. one day

  2. …yet black people as a whole still only own one half of one percent of the total U.S. wealth. ..

  3. Sounds like more blacks need to get off their but and create some wealth. Follow the templates

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  5. Progress, is always a plus.

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  9. Well… I think I know why we have never heard of these people. Sheila Johnson BET I don't think the BET network is the most positive depiction of black culture in fact it threw us back into the coon era. Ulysses Bridgeman Jr. Wendy's (fast food) with all the high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
    in the black community why doesn't he start a health food franchise? Both R. Donahue Peebles and Quintin Primo own real estate corporations…then why are so many blacks losing their homes or are unable to get one. Last Janice Bryant Howroyd ACT I – I worked for this temp agency and that's all I got was temp jobs nothing led to a solid career I had to leave and find my own permanent well paying job. So the gate keepers are not keeping black folks in mind when they make their money.

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