9 Scientists and Inventors From Africa the World Should Know More About

impp_0811_00_z+bisi_ezerioha+close_upBisi Ezerioha

Ezerioha is a Nigerian engineer, racer and former pharmaceutical executive. He is also an inventor who has built some of the world’s most powerful Honda and Porsche engines. He has built the world’s fastest┬ácarbureted FWD. Currently, he serves as founder and CEO of Bisimoto Engineering.

thumbHimla Soodyall

Soodyall is a South African human geneticist who has become known for genetic research into the people of sub-Saharan Africa. Her studies have proven that Africa is home to the world’s oldest human genetic lines.


kwatsi-alibaruho-2011-7-19-12-22-0Kwatsi Alibaruho

Alibaruho is an Ugandan-American flight director at NASA. In 2005, he became NASA’s first African-American flight director.