10 Amazing Creations You Won’t Believe You Can Make With a 3-D Printer


Acoustic Guitar

There may not be a program or collection of files ready to download to make a 3-D printed acoustic guitar, but thanks to Scott Summit, the world knows it’s at least possible. Back in 2012, Summit created the first acoustic guitar using a 3-D printer, according to Bloomberg.


High Heels

Let’s face it. Part of the fun of shopping for high heels is the retail therapy, but if a lady is just looking for a new pair of shoes without all the fuss, 3-D printing is the way to go. Several 3-D printing enthusiasts have already created different funky, yet wearable, designs. One of the most celebrated pair of 3-D printed heels so far, however, was designed by Pauline Van Dongen. Van Dongen teamed up with Freedom of Creation to design the red pair of wedge heels that won a Most Creative Collection award at the Mittelmoda 2010 event.