5 Interesting Reasons Why Black Students Are Steering Clear of STEM Fields

downloadThere are not a great number of STEM degrees awarded.

“From community college through Ph.D. level, the percentage of STEM degrees received by Blacks in 2009 was 7.5 percent, down from 8.1 percent in 2001. The numbers are striking in certain fields. In 2009, African-Americans received 1 percent of degrees in science technologies, and 4 percent of degrees in math and statistics. Out of 5,048 Ph.D.s awarded in the physical sciences, such as chemistry and physics, 89 went to African-Americans – less than 2 percent,” according to Jesse Washington from The Associated Press.

The numbers show that there are very few role models to inspire young people to go into STEM careers. The large disparity can be solved simply by creating more STEM programs for young people of color in K-12, giving financial assistance to people of color in STEM collegiate programs and providing mentors to help guide students.