5 of the Most Disappointing Moments of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

2788D40B00000578-3037522-image-m-47_14289566455653. Hulk Unnecessary Fight and Romance

Yes, Hulk smash. Yes, we’ve seen it. We don’t need to see it again, especially for this long. This just feels way too close to the Hulk fights in the first Avengers. Random Black Widow and Hulk romance is another instance where I was wondering if I missed a step somewhere along the line of Marvel blockbusters. Doesn’t the Black Widow love Hawkeye? And she had something with Captain America, right? But where did this Hulk romance come from? After the first fight scene, we see her calming the Hulk down in a weirdly intimate way. Sure. But then she’s all over him at the party and they want to run away together like teenage lovers? Hmmm … sorry; you can place that right back on the shelf because I’m not buying it. (Also, for the record—even though this shouldn’t be something that needs to be clarified — even if I don’t agree with this random romance, no, it’s still neither funny nor appropriate to call Natasha Romanoff a slut.)

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