9 Awesomely Talented Blerds Behind The Scenes of Your Favorite Animation



LeSean Thomas 

Thomas has worked on some of the most popular animated projects of the decade. He has worked on The Boondocks, Legend of Korra (2012-14) and Black Dynamite. Earlier in his career, he was a character designer on shows like Ben 10 (2008) and the early 2000s show Kim Possible.



Ian Jones-Quartey 

Jones-Quartey is the supervising director and co-creator/developer of Steven Universe (2013). He started in the industry as an animator on The Venture Bros (2004) and Adventure Time (2011). He is also the grandson of the late Theodosia Okoh who designed the flag of Ghana. Jones-Quartey is a fresh face in animation, but his short Lakewood Plaza Turbo was picked up by Cartoon Network. So get used to the name.