5 Notable Signs You Are Addicted to Gaming


You Stay Looking for Gamer Colleagues 

You know when you get that new job and you are trying get acclimated and you’re sizing up all your co-workers? It’s kind of like walking into any roomful of people and your eyes are darting all around looking for people of color so you can get the head nod and slowly make your way closer to them cause let’s be real, it just feels safer than to be flanked on all sides by white people. That’s exactly what gamers do every time we get a new job. You gotta weed out those gamers on the first day and find out who’s down. You keep a keen interest in their lives and make yourself available to them every time some new hotness drops so that you can discuss it openly and side eye anyone who tries to interrupt your conversation with some actual work-related stuff. These ain’t the colleagues you deserve. They are not the colleagues you want, these are the colleagues you need so that you don’t go off on every lazy, slackin’ mofo who tries to pass off responsibility to you like you are the only cat who ain’t got nothing to do.

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