8 Amazing Black Female Directors Who Have Established A Respectable Career Behind The Camera

debbie allen

Debbie Allen

Notable Works: Fame (1980s), Scandal (2012-present), Grey’s Anatomy (2005-present), A Different World (1988-93)

Impact: Allen started her career as an actress appearing on the hit ’70s show Good Times and eventually starring in her own show Fame in the 1980s. She started directing TV on Fame. Allen has a storied career in front and behind the camera with 50 credits to her name. She has directed hit shows and continues to get consistent work. In addition to her work ethic, Allen is good at directing drama and fight scenes.


Euzhan Palcy

Notable Works: A Dry White Season (1989)

Impact: Palcy started directing in the mid-1970s and may be responsible for many African-American women getting the opportunity to be in charge of a set.