11 of the Best Black Characters From Popular Sci-Fi and Horror Films

MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME, Tina Turner, 1985, ©Warner Bros.

‘Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome’ (1985)

R&B singer Tina Turner played Aunty Entity in this dystopian classic. She wanted to use Mad Max in order to move herself up the political spectrum in Barter-town.

Gallery_6_theMatrixReloaded‘The Matrix’ Franchise (1999, 2003)

Laurence Fishburne was the leader of a small resistance group charged to find “the chosen one”, Neo. Morpheus is a mentor and fighter¬†who teaches Neo to be a savior.

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  1. Kee from "Children of Men" made this list but Riddick couldn't make the cut? Riddick was the star of three sci fi movies and the characters has a lot of development. Do you even remember anything about Kee? She was more like a plot device if anything. I understand that your trying to create a gender balanced article but you could have added a better female character than this for example the Oracle (Matrix trilogy) or even one of Dr Who's Black female companions? Even "Blake's 7"'s Dayna Mellanby (an expert weaponsmith adn fighter) would have made a better choice.

  2. I kind of found that whole religious tone hurt the film. I mean most of the film is spent trying to find and/or hold onto the last bible? Seriously!?!

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