8 Famous Black Chefs From the Past and Present

rufus-estesRufus Estes

Estes (born c. 1857-1920) was a chef for the Pullman Co. Private Car Service. It was common to have Black porters on the trains. The train allowed Black people to gain a position of power without extreme racism. He rose to prominence cooking and catering for presidents Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland, Princess Eulalie of Spain, African explorer Henry Stanley and composer Ignacy Paderewski. By the end of his career, he published “Good Things to Eat, as Suggested by Rufus: A Collection of Practical Recipes for Preparing Meats, Game, Fowl, Fish, Puddings, Pastries, Etc.” in 1911.

Chef-Tiffany-Derry-of-Private-Social-in-Dallas_083352Tiffany Derry

Derry is a chef based in Dallas. She has made multiple appearances on Top Chef and was regularly on Spike TV’s Hungry Investors in 2014. The chef has her own restaurant called Tiffany Derry Concepts created in 2013. She also acts as a spokesperson for the Art Institute’s Culinary Arts Program. Derry is a graduate and still continues to be a vital part of the program.