5 Major Problems That the Marvel Cinematic Universe Needs to Address


The MCU is a boys club. Women are shown as capable warriors and badasses but they have very little depth and development to them. It is a crime that Black Widow has not gotten a kick ass espionage film of her own. The MCU won’t solve this problem anytime soon until Captain Marvel comes to the big screen. Marvel women make such an impact in the comics but in the MCU they are just sidekicks or mentors for the males when they can be the stars of their own stories. The MCU is a white male power fantasy.

In regards to the recent Ant-Man film, writer Matt Singer for Screen Crush makes this point:

“It’s clear from the very beginning that Hope is far more qualified to become Wasp (or, hell, even Ant-Man, er, Ant-Person) than Scott Lang. She teaches him how to use Pym Particles to shrink and grow and fight. At every turn, Hope is smarter, tougher, and stronger than Scott, and even though director Peyton Reed eventually provides a rationale why Hank Pym keeps sidelining his daughter (he’s afraid of losing her), it never becomes a satisfying one. It’s a convenient excuse, not a valid explanation.”