10 Great Black Photographers

asheJeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe (b. July 9, 1951)

Ashe was inspired by her husband, famous tennis player Arthur Ashe, to focus her life’s work on dispelling myths about AIDS. Her third collection of photographs called, “Daddy and Me: A Photo Story of Arthur Ashe and His Daughter, Camera” in 1982 focused on his life and legacy. Since then she has focused on AIDS awareness and community involvement.

Lorna-Simpson-Aleim-MagazineLorna Simpson (b. 1960)

Simpson’s work focuses on the experiences of Black women in the United States. She often uses photo-text that combines text that is superimposed on her photographs. In her career, Simpson has earned multiple awards for her bold and poignant work. She has been nominated for the Hugo Boss Prize in 1998 and Deutsche Börse Photography Prize in 2014.