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High Tech Times: Entrepreneurs Are Leveraging Tech to Create a Netflix For Marijuana Delivery

Chief Innovations Officer Janine N. Truitt Provides Some Useful Insights Into HR Tech

This New SMARTPEN N2 Is Bringing Writing Utensils to Another Level That You Must See

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What Andela Is Doing to Help Mentor Bright, Young African Minds to Become Developers for Companies Worldwide Is Outstanding

Bill Gates Gives Another Fascinating Interview About Technology, Philanthropy, Poverty and What to Do About It All

This Google Jump GoPro Camera Rig Is a Really Promising Piece of Technology for Capturing 3-D Video

Chicago Could Become a Black Tech Global Headquarters

South Africans Are Executing an Ingenious Idea of Putting Solar Power in Schoolbags to Help Students Get Homework Done

Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong Talks How Innovation and Technology Transform the Way We Get Around

Google Apologizes for Racist Auto-Tag in Photo App

Forget Self-Driving Cars, This New Range Rover Could Be Able to Learn Your Thoughts

Ebi Atawodi From Uber Discusses How Technology Is Disrupting Nigeria for the Better

5 Reasons Why We Struggle to Find Diversity in Open Source Projects

Next Generation Weaponry Gives the U.S. Air Force the Ability to Destroy Electronic Systems Anywhere

Report: New iPhones Likely to Have Force Touch

What Christen Rochon Is Doing to Change Lack of Diversity in Tech Is Absolutely Amazing

This is Why Samsung and Apple Enthusiasts Should Stop Arguing Over Which Phone is Better

Google’s New Project Soli Technology Can Potentially Revolutionize the Way We Interact With Computers

Mayor de Blasio Shares What NYC is Doing to Further Diversity in the Tech World

Game Time: The Top 5 Announcements from E3 2015

Gmail’s New ‘Undo Send’ Option Ends Regretful Messages

Gogoro Smart Scooter Is Not Only One of the Coolest-Looking Concept Vehicles, but Its Energy Efficiency Is Set to Be Revolutionary

If You Value Your Privacy, This New Facebook Feature is Not for You

The Possibilities of This 3D Printer Could Be a Game Changer for Infrastructure Development

Miami Summit Encourages Tech Growth in Caribbean

You Won’t Believe What Google Is Doing That’s Going to Let You Control Objects Without Even Touching Them

College Students Use Oculus Rift to Improve Online Learning

Reddit CEO and 500 Startups Founder Awkwardly Discuss Diversity in Tech

After Seeing What It Actually Cost to Make the Apple Watch, Your Perception of It Will Be Forever Changed

Twitter Introduces Troll Blocker Feature

The World’s First Swimming Humanoid Robot is Set to Make a Major Splash

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Will This App Be the Key to Never Losing Anything Ever Again in the Future?

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Marques Brownlee Answers the Top 10 Apple Watch Questions You’ve Been Wondering About

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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Delivers Vital Speech on Encryption and Privacy

You Have to See This Man Set the Guinness Record of Farthest Flight on Hoverboard; It’s Amazing

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Etsy Teams Up With DigitalUndivided in Campaign to Diversify Technology

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Hackathon Hopes to Keep Money in Black Communities

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Secret Drone Will Test Materials for Future Spacecraft

This Starfleet Machine Is Modeled After an Intergalactic Spaceship And Is the Coolest Time-Keeper You Will Ever See

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Military Tech and a 19th Century Engine Could Revolutionize Solar Energy

This Company Has Brought Mind-Blowing Realistic Hologram Tech to Real Life

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NASA Tests 10 Engine Plane That’s Half Copter and All Awesome

5 New Cloaking Technologies Set to Make Invisibility a Reality in the Near Future

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Tshuutheni Emvula Details the Fascinating Possibility of Building New Ecosystems in Africa

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The New 3-D Robotics Solo May Be the Most Sophisticated and Easy-to-Use Drone Yet

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Jay Z Drops #TidalFacts to Defend New Streaming Service Against Premature Allegations of Failure

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Scientists Have Created Bionic Ants to Be the Factory Workers of the Future; Could It Really Happen?

This Robot Takes Telecommuting to a Whole Other Level, But Will It Ever Become Mainstream?

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Facebook’s Acquisition of WhatsApp Will Not Force the App to Sell Out on Its Ad-Free Promise

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Code2040 Co-Founder and Others Speak Optimistically About Diversity in Tech at SXSW 2015

The US Military’s Heat Wave Technology Is a Captivating Look at How We Can Create Non-Lethal Weapons in the Future

Google’s Chairman Eric Schmidt Gives His Views on How Tech Will Revolutionize the Future

Runcible Is Unique Take on What the Post-Smartphone Era Will Look Like

5 Awesome Technologies That We Will Be Able to Control With Our Minds In The Near Future

New Technology Could Make Communicating With Deaf-Blind People as Easy as Texting

The Equil Smartmarker Just Made It Easier for You to Transfer Your Notes From Your Whiteboard to Your Device

Yahoo Unveils New Password-Free Login, But Does It Really Keep Your Email More Secure?

5 ‘Must Go’ Tech Conference Happening This Year

The Future of ‘Green’ Technology Could Be Riding on a Solar-Powered Plane’s Round-the-World Flight

This Drone May Be the Best Option for Amateurs Who Are Thinking About Flying Their Own

mobile app developers

Writing the App Is Fun; LaunchKit Can Get You Through the Tedious Part

The Capabilities of This Personal Robot Go Way Beyond Your Wildest Imagination

Nigeria Is Building Armored Vehicles That Are on Par With the World’s Best

Will Sony’s Project Morpheus Totally Revolutionize the Way People Play Games?

Virtual Reality Still Just Around the Corner as Developers Try to Eliminate the Final Kinks

Watch This Guy Control A Flying Drone With Just His Brain

Researchers Could Revolutionize Infrastructure Maintenance by Getting Walls to Talk

Is This Look Into the Future of Military Robots the Beginning of the Apocalyptic End the Movies Have Predicted?

5 Millenial Behaviors That Should be Driving Tech Innovation

This Is Everything You Need to Know About Net Neutrality and Why It’s So Important in Under 3 Minutes

wireless charging tables

IKEA Helps Consumers Cut the Cord With New Line of Wireless-Charging Furniture

SOLO phone launch

SOLO Phone Could Eventually Dominate Nigeria’s Mobile Phone Market by Shifting Focus From Hardware to Experience

Can Samsung’s Recently Revealed Galaxy S6 Help It Make Up the Ground It Has Been Losing to Apple?

The BMW i8 Is the Future of Cars, and It’s Very Bright

Scientists Turning to DNA to Try to Create Data Storage That Could Last for Thousands of Years

Will The Tech Revolution Create Vast Opportunities for Women in Africa?

This Innovative Technology Will Make Sure You’ll Never Kill Another Plant in Your Home Again

Watch How M-Pesa Is Using Tech to Completely Change the Way People Are Doing Business in Africa

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The ‘Father of Modern Gaming’ Insists That the Virtual Reality Takeover Is Finally Here

6 Ways You May Be Destroying Your Smartphone And Not Even Know It

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Artificial Intelligence Won’t Lead to Robot Overlords, But Does It Still Pose a Threat to Humanity?

10 of the Most Incredible Things Science Is Doing With Sound

Blerd Marques Brownlee Details Everything You Need to Know About 4K Displays

SkyTran’s Levitating Pods Look Like Something From the Future, But They Could Be a Reality Very Soon

This New Smart Watch Was Designed to Do Much More Than Just Tell Time — It Can Save Lives, Too

One of Tech’s Few Black CEOs Says Technology Can Help Crack the Code to Racial Equality

Net Neutrality Affects Everyone Who Uses the Internet; Here’s Why the FCC Ruling Was a Big Deal in Under Two Minutes

This African Inventor’s 3-D Printer Created From e-Waste Is the Most Ingenious Thing You’ll See Today

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Jaguar Is Pushing the Limits of Imagination With New Technology That Will Make Pedestrians Infinitely Safer

Watch How E-Ink Technology Could Be Used to Extend Cellphone Battery Life in a Truly Amazing Way

With Speeds Up to 20 MPH and an Affordable Price Tag, This Electric Bike Could Be a Game Changer

Apple Search engine rumors

Apple Weaning Users Off Google for Good? ‘Apple Search’ Rumors Explode Online

Ever Wonder How You’re Able to Talk to Your Computer? This Video Gives the Detailed Science Behind It All

Meet Hello Tractor: Integrating Agriculture With Technology

Formspring Founder’s Success With Q&A Social Site Is a Testament to the Importance of Following the Market

Could These Humanoid Robots Kick Off the Next Industrial Revolution?

Jay Z’s Latest Power Move Would Bring Him Into Music Distribution With Premium Streaming Services

You Won’t Believe the Things You’re Able to Do With Your Car From This Smartwatch

8 Apps You’ll Need to Make the Most Out of Your Super Bowl Experience

8 Really Cool Examples of Real-Life Cyborgs Existing Among Us

Apple Watch Scheduled to Hit Shelves This April, According to Apple CEO Tim Cook

7 Gadgets All Young Black Techies Should Own in 2015

Watch How Microsoft’s New HoloLens Will Change the Way We Use Computers Forever

These ‘Terminator’-Style Robots Look Fascinating, But Raise the Question of Having A.I. Selecting Targets to Kill on Their Own

New Wearable Brain Scanner Could Lead to Major Medical Breakthroughs

You Have to See This Black Entrepreneur’s Approach to Changing Silicon Valley’s Diversity Problem

Google mobile carrier

Google ‘Nova’ Rumors Suggest the Tech Giant Could Become New Wireless Carrier This Year

The Technology Behind This Gadget That Can Actually Make You Invisible Is Amazing

Scientists explore Mars through headset

Microsoft’s HoloLens to Make It Possible for Scientists to Walk Around on Mars From the Comfort of Their Offices

The SKULLY AR-1 Is the World’s Coolest and Smartest Motorcycle Helmet to Date

Futuristic transportation

Beyond the Flying Car: 10 Futuristic Modes of Transportation Everyone Should Know About

two day battery life in laptops

New Generation of 13-Inch Laptops Are Pushing Battery Life to New Limits

8 Cool and Mind-Blowing Vehicle Designs That Will Leave You in Awe

3-D Printers Can Now Print Fully Functional Electronics — Like Drones

Hyperloop design

Elon Musk Hopes to Revolutionize Public Transportation With Hyperloop Transit System

The ‘Internet of Things’ Is Exciting, But What About Your Security?

Google brings Phonebloks to life

We Could Be Close to Building Our Own Phones Thanks to Google’s New Customizable Project Ara

6 Ways Technology Can Help Improve Autistic Children’s Development

Lego X Will Fundamentally Alter the Way We Communicate Between the Digital and Physical Worlds in the Most Awesome Way

International Hackathon Brings Technologists, Community Leaders Together

This Is the Car Mercedes-Benz Thinks You Will Be Driving in 15 Years — and It’s Way Beyond Your Imagination

This Innovative Use of Nanotechnology Could Change the Way You View a ‘Low Battery’ Signal on Your Smartphone

10 Top Green Gadgets Unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015

This Video Raises a Fascinating Question — Were the Ancient Egyptians the First to Develop the Technology for Flight?

Researchers Across the Globe May Have Moved Us One Step Closer to Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication

This Black Scientist Has Developed an Amazing Process That Has Bill Gates Drinking Sewer Sludge

‘Hypothesis Paper’ Suggests NASA’s Curiosity Has Captured Evidence of Life on Mars

You Have to See What Predictions ‘Back to the Future II’ Actually Gets Right About 2015

6 of the Biggest Cyber Threats You Should Be Aware Of in 2015

NASA’s Kepler Discovers 2 New Earth-Like Planets, Marking Major Milestone for the Spacecraft and Its Researchers

Will This New Technological Device Help Athletes Have Fewer Concussions?

10 Budding Tech Hubs Besides Silicon Valley You Should Know As An Entrepreneur

The New Oculus VR Technology Immerses You Into the Game World in a Way That Was Previously Reserved for Our Imagination

Cell phone accessories

New Popscope Happily Marries Cellphone Tripods and Selfie Sticks for No-Hassle Photos and Video

8 Futuristic Features We Can’t Wait For Every Car To Have in a Matter of Years

Watch These 10 Tech Innovations That Will Unquestionably Change the World

Apple Accused of Misrepresenting iOS 8 Update Space and iPhone Storage in New Class-Action Lawsuit

Ford and Life360 Team Up to End Distracted Driving

Samsung Brings Curved Display to Its New PC

The PrintSnap Is a Very Intriguing Modern-Day Take on the Polaroid Camera

The Year of AI: 2014 Brings Impressive Advances and a Glimpse Into the Future of Artificial Intelligence

10 of the World’s Biggest Recent Hacks and Data Breaches That Deserve Your Attention

This App Turns Your Old iPhone or iPad Into an Advanced Security System in the Most Innovative Way

Samsung’s ‘Look at Me’ App to Help Children with Autism Shows Serious Potential in Test Trial

10 Cool and Futuristic Sci-Fi Technologies Invading Our Reality

Handy Guide to Apple’s CarPlay In-Dash Experience

Internet Privacy May Be Hard to Find in 2025, Many Experts Say

10 Most Unusual Uses for a Smartphone You May Not Have Thought About

LG Unveils Sleek Text-Message-Controlled Speakers That Eliminate Wireless Connectivity Hassles

Jaguar’s New ‘Ghost-Car’ Navigation and ‘See-Through’ Pillars Are Truly Futuristic Features

9 Robots That Could Take Your Job In 2015

Watch and See How Much the World Is Going to Change with ‘The Internet of Things’

Nasa Plans for Cloud City

NASA’s Plans For A Cloud City Above Venus Could Have People Living Like the Jetsons

You Have to See How These ‘Information Maps’ Are Creating Major Social Changes in the Developing World

This Innovative Humanoid Robot Will Make 2015 Look Like Something Out of the Movie ‘I, Robot’

BMW Moves Us Even Closer to Cars that Can Park Themselves

7 of the Hottest Technology to Look Forward to In 2015

This Mega Multitouch Screen Is Making Sci-Fi Movies Like ‘Minority Report’ a Reality

Latest Eye Scanning Technology Doesn’t Show Much Promise for Keeping Hackers At Bay

Could Google’s Nanoparticles Revolutionize the Way We Detect Diseases?

Skin irritation claims fitbit charge

Poor Hygiene Behind Fitbit Charge Skin Irritation Claims, Not Product Materials

You Have to See How Technology Is Influencing the Creativity of People like Award-Winning Producer Bryan-Michael Cox

Despite 3D Printers Making Cast Improvements, Latest At Home Model Still Struggles to Capture Small Details

10 Ways Technology Has Changed the Way We Do Everyday Functions During the Past Decade

Apple’s Biggest Myth Destroyed Right Before Your Eyes by Its Founder Steve Wozniak

eBay Buyers Handing Over Thousands for Limited Edition iPod Classics

Collecting data

Your Data Science Idea is Great, But Is the Market Ready? Why Marketing is Key to Data Science Success

This Dell Lab Is Crafting the Future of the Internet in the Most Fascinating Way

Sony's 20th Anniversary PS4

Sony’s Incredibly Rare 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 Separates Game Lovers from the Game-Obsessed

This New Approach to Building Human Consciousness in a Computer Is Intriguing for So Many Reasons

Tired of Cracking Your iPhone Screen? Apple May Have Plans for Simpler, Sturdier Materials

3 Self Driving Cars That Are Propelling Us Towards A New Future

This Innovative Audi Can Seriously Make Searching For Parking A Thing Of The Past

Check Out These Provocative And Innovative Thoughts On How People Will Communicate In The Future

7 Clever Technologies Inspired by Nature

This Smart Bracelet Is a High-Fashion Product, But Is It Sexy Enough for a Woman to Wear?

AT&T Steps Forward As Leader in Embracing Diversity with ‘Seeing Stars’ Campaign, Highlighting Black Tech Entrepreneurs

5 Ways Tesla Motors Is Bringing The Auto Industry Into The 21st Century

9 Major Changes You Should Know About That Transformed Social Media This Year

8 Reasons Why Your Laptops, Cellphones, Tablets Are The New Blood Diamonds

This Might Be the Coolest and Most Useful Computer Mouse You’ve Ever Seen

GoPro May Sever Business Ties to Bring Its Own Consumer Drones to Market

‘Tech Needs Girls’ Founder Is on an Awesome Journey to Changing the Lives of Women in Ghana

20 Amazingly Innovative Apps Created By Black Developers

Search Algorithms Don’t Just Know You, They’re Judging You, Too

Isn’t It Awesome to See a Black Man Starring in One of the Most Ambitious Cinematic Attempts in Gaming History?

War on Bullying Goes Digital at Brooklyn Middle School with Bridg-iT App

You Have to See the Dragonfly Futurefön’s Attempt to Replace Your Phone, Tablet and Laptop With One Device

You Have to See the Awesome Things This Black Woman Is Doing to Fix the Diversity Issue in Tech

Inmates hack their way out of prison

Revolutionary Program Could Turn California Inmates Into Successful Tech Entrepreneurs

Lack of Minorities at Tech Conferences Spurs Action

Startup Creates New Wearable That Takes Exercising to Another Level

Robert L. Curbeam Jr

America’s First Black Astronauts: 15 People Who Paved the Way

Free fitness app Nexercise

Free Fitness App Delivers on Promise to Make Exercising More Fun and Engaging

10 Ways Electronics Are Designed To Fail To Force You To Spend More Money

You’ll Be Amazed by This Video of Tony Hawk Riding the First Hoverboard

YouTube Sensation tech reviews

Tech Savvy 20-Year-Old YouTube Star Gives Consumers The Advantage When Shopping for Latest Gadgets

Eight Female Entrepreneurs Prepare to Bring African Startups to Washington, D.C.

Could This New Truck Technology Save Lives Lost From Car Accidents?

Reusable Photo Wallpaper Allows Anyone to Turn Personal Memories into Chic Décor

This Is an Awe-Inspiring and Comprehensive Look at How Humans Will Colonize Mars

9 New Game-Changing Technologies to Expect in 2015

Imagine the Possibilities of What This Innovation Hub in Kenya Could Develop in the Next Few Years

Jon Gosier Third Cohort Capital

From Dream Viewer App to Africa’s Financial Terminal, This Serial Entrepreneur Gives Tech Startups New Life

14 Young Entrepreneurs Using Technology to Change the Continent of Africa

This Is a Really Scary Look into the Future of What Police Tracking Could Become if Nothing Is Done to Stop It

The Way These African Women Are Able To Produce Sustainable Energy Is Ingenious And Spectacular

New app revolutionizes the classroom

Revolutionary App Helps Educators Close Achievement Gap for Students At Under Privileged Schools

13 Blacks Influencing Technology In a Major Way Today

10 Questions and Statements iPhone 6 Plus Users Are Starting to Hate from Non-Users

Top Designer at Pinterest Delivers Compelling Explanation About Being Black in Silicon Valley

Black Twitter Does it Again: The Online Push For Black Emojis Has Been Answered

Africa’s Age of Innovation Could Make Continent a Major Economic Power by 2063

Black owned start ups

Lack of Investor Support for Females, Minorities Continues to Stifle Diversity in Tech Industry

Americans face over priced slow internet speeds

Report: Americans Paying More for Slower Internet Speeds; Other Countries Have It Better

This Amazing, New Paper-Thin Technology Will Completely Change Your Tablet Experience in the Future

This New Technology Is Frightening, But It Could Definitely Make Your Life 100 Times Easier

See How This Innovative Carry-On Can Ease the Agony You Face While Traveling

Shut down car with text message

Text First, Call 911 Later: This Could Be the New Protocol for Carjacking Victims

Can Scientists Use This Method to Build a Better Brain?

You Have to See Why Black People Should Be the Leaders of the Next Tech Revolution

Could This California Startup’s Gun Technology Make Police Officers More Accountable?

Could Amazon’s New Fire TV Stick Help It Recover From Epic Smartphone Failure?

The iPhone 6 Plus Could Be the Worst Nightmare for Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita

Ken Coleman still faces racism despite impressive achievements

Even Tech Pioneer Ken Coleman Can’t Escape Racism’s Persistent Grasp

8 Mind-Blowing Energy Innovations That Will Make Electric Bills a Thing of the Past

Play Station 4’s ‘Share Play’ Could Open Up New Era of Gaming

You Won’t Believe What This Robot Uses to Stop the Spread of Infectious Diseases Including Ebola

Minorities push for net neutrality

Net Neutrality Advocates Fight to Save Minority Voices Online, Take Aim at NAACP

7 Reasons Why the New Tesla Model D Is a Flipping Big Deal

7 Ways Mobile Phones Have Changed Africa

This Hoverbike is Designed to Do What a Helicopter Does, But Only Better

Are These Advanced Robots Going to Define the Next Wave of Technology in the Home?

Firefox Hello web chat

Firefox Gears Up to Take on Skype With New Browser-Based Video Chat

How This New Technology Developed at MIT Allows You to Interact With Objects Will Blow Your Mind

Watch How Rwanda Is Using Technology to Turn the Country Around and Lead the Technological Revolution in Africa

9 Best US Cities for Black Tech Entrepreneurs to Thrive

Designer Aims to Boost Children’s Confidence with Superhero 3D Printed Prosthetics Hand

New Apple iPad Air 2: Love it or Hate it?

Today in History: Inventor Lonnie G. Johnson – More Than Just the Super Soaker

Charge Up in 2 Minutes: New Ultra-Fast Battery Could Finally Get Us Away from the Wall

Could A Boost In Diversity Be The Solution to Filling Up Tech Jobs Over The Next Six Years

Wage Gap Between Whites, Minorities Continues to Plague Tech Industry

10 Top Tech Trends Breaking Out in 2014

Using STEAM to Move Marginalized Students into the Future: An Interview with Dr. Nettrice Gaskins

Joe Biden Stresses Importance of Tech Jobs for Black Women ‘From the Hood’

Emerging Details of Cyberattack on JPMorgan Raise Questions of Transparency

‘Cosmos’ Host Neil deGrasse Tyson to Bring Educational Entertainment to Atlanta’s Fox Theatre

World’s Fastest Laser Could Change the Internet Forever

Apple and Google Face Off in a Battle of the Smart Watches

Microsoft Gets Behind African Startups as Demo Africa Gains Momentum

Nigerian Government Invests N1.5 Billion in African Tech Startups

Mentors Believe Medical Professions Can Help Save ‘Endangered’ Black Men

E-commerce Site for Black Businesses Wins National Black MBA Innovation Challenge

Jesse Jackson Reveals Next Steps to Increase Diversity, Inclusion in Silicon Valley

10 Highest-Paying STEM Jobs Blerds Should Consider

Young Entrepreneurs Revolutionize Education in Africa by Moving It Online

Marshall Graduate Launches American Dream Movement to Give Black Male Students a ‘Sense of Hope’

Black valedictorian at UCLA makes history

Black Film Visionary and Media Entrepreneur Makes History at UCLA

7 Minority-Led Investment Firms Every Black Tech Startup Should Know

Mobile App Showcases Books Written by and Featuring People of Color

A Conversation with Danielle Hester, Digital Editor of ArtInFact Magazine

A Conversation with Rakia Finley, CEO of Surge Assembly

5 STEM Internships Blerds Should Know About

30 Young African Women Prepare to Revolutionize STEM Careers

#BlackTwitterStudyResults Bashes USC’s Black Twitter Research

A Look Back in History: Jerry Lawson — The First Black Game Designer

Could IBM’s Watson Get to the Bottom of the Issues in Ferguson?

Code for Progress Fellowship Brings Politically Minded Organizers Into Tech Industry

Ethel Cofie, CEO of Edel Consultancy, Talks Supporting Women Through Technology

Black Entrepreneurs Ready to Change the Face of the Tech Industry

Romona Foster, Social Media Marketing Expert, Talks to Blerds About Finding Her Niche

How Might Big Data Affect You As a Minority

7 Black Nerd Events Worth Attending in 2014

Jason Young’s App, Thrive and Shine, Sheds Light on Finances For College Students

Georgia Teens Respond to Events in Ferguson by Creating App to Rate Police

10 Young Black Tech Innovators You Should Know

Power to the Tweeple

Black Women in Tech Fields Face ‘Double Minority’ Struggle

Technology Diversity Is Not The Next Civil Rights Step

Afrofuturism: Black Presence in Sci-Fi Worlds of Technology, Magic, Fantasy

Easy to Follow Tips For Black Women Aspiring to Launch a Tech Startup

The Best Apps You Need to Know Designed By Black Developers

Blerds and Technology’s 2 Percent Diversity Problem

Entrepreneur Tristan Walker on Creating a Brand, Giving Back to Community

8 Black Female Inventors You Might Not Know

Minority Report: Young Black Entrepreneurs Create The First Robot Bartender

Top Designer at Pinterest Delivers Compelling Explanation About Being Black in Silicon Valley