Vulkan Is the Next Generation for High-Efficiency Graphics and Computing

Google wants the newest and latest API Vulkan in its new Android phones.

“Like the other low-overhead APIs, Vulkan promises to improve performance by providing more direct access to the GPU — developers can manage memory and multiple threads on their own rather than leaving it up to the driver, giving them more work to do but also providing more flexibility,” reports Andrew Cunningham for

APIs is an abbreviation for application program interface. The API is responsible for memory and is a set of routines, protocols and tools used by developers to build software applications.

The Vulkan API was introduced in March by the Khronos Group. This system is similar to Metal and DirectX 12 in that it will require the use of an operating system and hardware support.

“Hardware and software companies need an open 3D API to maximize market reach and minimize porting costs, and Vulkan is being forged by a broad consortium of industry leaders to do exactly that,” said Khronos Group President Neil Trevett.

Google is still in the early stages of developing and implementing the new API. Best estimates have the API coming with the Android M by the end of the year. If history is any indication, Vulkan will have to be released when a new Android version is also released.

The Google Cardboard is the Best Entry VR Headset for Under $100


Virtual reality is becoming a major force in the world of technology where almost all forms of entertainment are starting to integrate it. Some VR headsets are out now, and others are still in development and won’t be released anytime soon. For those who want to experience the new tech craze, the Google Cardboard is a fantastic entry point.

google-cardboard“Once you’ve bought or constructed your headset, you can download Google Cardboard apps to your iOS or Android phone, drop your device into the headset, and get playing,” reports Guy Cocker for

The great thing about this product is that it is free depending on where you get it. In the long run, it won’t cost you any more than $85. There are some sturdier headsets that are around $30. However, if you want the cardboard version, you won’t pay any more than $15.



61lpiNpdUsL._SL1200_71EEi9yyTGL._SL1200_The only thing you will need is a cellphone and the apps. Even though the VR experience won’t be the greatest, users will be able to get a taste and graduate to the big boys on the market.

5 of the Best Reactions to Apple’s New Diverse Emojis That Show Just How Divided Users Are About It


Many of the Emojis Look Like ‘Simpsons’ Characters

This is a valid reaction. The yellow emojis are supposed to represent the many different Asian people on Earth. There has been outrage over this claiming that Apple used yellow-face. However, the emojis are this golden yellow color to stand out and be distinctive from the white human emojis. Many people compared these emojis to Simpsons characters. In fact, these emojis may use yellow as a default like the Simpsons uses it as a default for white. According to Huffington Post writer Damon Beres, “The yellowish color isn’t meant to be a skin tone at all. It’s not included in the skin tone options provided by Unicode and appears to be intended to be used as a kind of default color.” So yellow does not represent people of Asian descent.

6 Ways You May Be Destroying Your Smartphone And Not Even Know It


power_button_icon_by_slamiticon-d66wj9fLeaving It On for Long Periods

Believe it or not, our machines need to rest from time to time like we do. To ensure that your smartphone works well and operates to its fullest, always power it down for 30 minutes to an hour. This action can allow diagnostics to run, caches to clear and RAM to last longer.



Smartphone malware is far worse than malware on computers because it can track your location no matter where you are. This harmful software can steal vital data and personal information about you. There are many apps that remove malware, like the app Malwarebytes. Keep your phones and your data safe.

Can Apple Pass Android as a Gaming Platform in 2015?

With the value of the remote gambling sector set to exceed $182.8 billion by the end of 2015, it is clear that this medium represents the future of gambling. The use of mobile and tablet devices also is expected to peak and rise by more than 20 percent in the next 12 months, meaning that these platforms will play a pivotal role in driving growth throughout the sector. From a user perspective, however, the most difficult challenge is selecting the ideal platform and operating system from which to indulge your passion for gaming.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the key considerations for consumers and consider which platform offers the best value for money. Apple and Android are the two main choices, so keep the following points in mind before making a decision.

Historically, Android handsets dominated the gaming market in terms of graphics and gameplay. While some would argue that this has not changed after the release of the Nvidia Shield Tablet, however, the much-improved iOS 8 and Metal graphics engine has at least created a starting point for debate. In fact, when you consider the multi-purpose nature of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, these handsets arguably offer a more convenient gaming experience and far greater value for the consumer’s hard-earned money.

In terms of the range of available games, it is a slightly different story. The Android platform is partnered with the Google Play store, which includes a huge array of games and various titles across multiple genres. From increasingly popular puzzles to games that encourage men and women gambling, this range offers a more diverse gaming experience that will engage players of all ages. The same cannot be said for Apple, who despite increasing its library remains far behind Android in terms of library size.

While this may be considered as a tie, it is fair to say that the Android gaming experience remains a little more developed than the Apple alternative at present. The Nvidia Shield Tablet, which is the first device of its kind that has been designed specifically for gaming, has helped to maintain this competitive market edge as has Android’s partnership with Google Play. While next year’s iOS 9 upgrade and the release of the iPhone 6s may alter this landscape further, for now it is fair to say that Android remains marginally ahead of Apple for gaming.

Source: Guest Blogger at Black Girl Nerds

9 Top Math Apps to Refresh Your Child’s Brain

Math can be a child’s toughest subject. But with the use of technology, it can be a lot easier.


Peter Pig’s Money Coin Counter

App Specs: Helps kids practice sorting, counting and identifying the value of U.S. coins to earn virtual money.

Ages: 4 to 7

Price: Free

For: Android


Let’s Do the Math

App Specs: Has 50 word problems that focus on addition and subtraction. The app can be used either as flash cards or as a series of puzzles to teach basic concepts.

Ages: 6 and up

Price: Free

For: Android

Black Twitter Does it Again: The Online Push For Black Emojis Has Been Answered

The virtual collection of Emoji icons on mobile devices might receive a revolutionary update that will finally include ethnically diverse characters.

For at least a year now, Black Twitter has had an interesting question for the creators of the emoji icons: Where are the Black people?

The variety of faces used to express certain emotions and depict common items has long excluded Black characters.

An Asian man, an Indian man and even gay couples fill the emoji repertoire on Apple and Android devices, but if Black users ever wanted a face that looked a little more like themselves they were out of luck.

That’s finally about to change… possibly.

The Unicode Consortium recently announced a possible method for creating a wider range of skin colors for users to have access to.

The proposal is still being reviewed but Unicode Consortium president and co-founder Mark Davis said the odds are looking good that Black emoji icons are on the way.

“It isn’t completely set in stone; we are still collecting feedback on the proposal,” Davis said in an email to the Washington Post. “But I think it is very likely.”

The draft of the proposal said that the company understands that users want to see human diversity reflected in the technology they use and Unicode Consortium is ready to provide them with that.

“People all over the world want to have emoji that reflect more human diversity, especially for skin tone,” the draft said.

The update will do more than just add one Black emoji; it will allow users to take any existing emoji and select the skin tone they would prefer to use.

These skin tone swatches would range from a pale, creamy color to a darker brown/Black option.

Black emojis

The skin tone options would be effective for single faces as well as group emoji icons like couples.

The skin tone options would not, however, allow users to change only one person’s skin color in group emoji icons.

The announcement of the possible update comes after Twitter and other social media platforms served as a catalyst for users to voice their complaints.

Timelines across the country were filled with users pushing for Black emoji.

Some users voiced their concerns by joking about the absence of a Black emoji.

“They have Drake from Degrassi on here but no Black people,” one user tweeted along with the wheelchair emoji.

The tweet was a reference to the handicapped character Drake played in the popular teen series.

Others didn’t feel like the lack of diversity in emoji icons was a laughing matter.

“So there’s a gay couple emoji’s but not black person emoji,” another user tweeted. “Just gonna point that out.”

“I just know this IOS 8 update was gonna come with Black emojis,” another user tweeted. “Y’all can keep this.”

Even pop star Miley Cyrus and actor Tahj Mowry joined the call for more emoji diversity.

“It makes me mad that there are no black emojis…” Mowry tweeted back in March.

Cyrus asked her followers to retweet her message if they agreed with the movement to add a Black emoji icon.

The tweet quickly gained more than 6,000 retweets and 2,200 favorites.

If the plans are approved, the ethnically diverse icons could make their way to mobile devices by mid-2015.