Apple Watch Scheduled to Hit Shelves This April, According to Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook finally released information that many people have been waiting for — when can consumers get their hands on an Apple Watch?

Cook recently announced during a quarterly earnings call with investors that the watch will be released this April, marking the first major new product release by Apple since it debuted the iPad back in 2010.

Apple teased tech lovers with their first look at the watch in September and promised it would be the company’s “most personal device ever.”

With buzz around the watch already stirring, Apple certainly has to deliver on its promises, but that’s something Cook isn’t worried about.

Cook is confident about the smartwatch’s development as well as the value app makers are already adding to the device.

“We’re making great progress in the development of it,” Cook said, according to The Verge.

He then added that the response from developers and app makers has been quite impressive.

“We’re seeing some incredible innovation,” he said.

Cook also had to defend the company against some anxious consumers who felt like April wasn’t quite early enough.

Some people claimed that the CEO’s decision to refer to April as an “early” part of 2015 was misleading.

According to the tech mogul’s calendar, however, “early” is exactly where April would fall.

He explained that Apple separates the year into three, fourth-month periods. The first period would be considered early, the next represents the middle and the last would be described as late.

Based on those terms, April would indeed be considered early 2015.

While some users wish the watches were coming out earlier, other consumers are still saving up for the device. The smartwatch will come with a pretty hefty price tag, starting at $349.

Three versions of the smartwatch will be available, with the most expensive option being the “ultra-premium Apple Watch Edition.”

This version of the watch has the potential to reach up to $1,000, with some people estimating a price even higher than that.

Of course, these are just speculations as Apple has not officially released any new pricing information or other news about what consumers should expect from the new product.