The First Teardown of an Apple Watch Unveils a Magnificent Feat in Engineering

It’s the Apple Watch teardown! The real one this time. We’ve been waiting eight long months since it was announced to get our hands on one and now we’ve got it. Our teardown team once again traveled beyond the international dateline, to join our friends at MacFixit in Melbourne Australia, to be one of the first people on earth to get an Apple Watch. We’re not counting all those celebrities.

Source: iFixit Video

Apple Watch Makes Its Online Debut as Mixed Reviews Make It Unclear Whether It’s Worth the Money

After much anticipation from general tech lovers and Apple fans alike, the Apple Watch is finally making its big debut. But is it living up to all the hype?

That’s a hard question to answer considering the fact that the watches only became available to order this week although tech reporters got a first glance at the new devices.

Based on the reviews, however, people still aren’t too sure how to feel about the watches.

That didn’t stop them from rushing online to get their own Apple Watch though.

While the Apple Watch didn’t have an overflow of rave reviews that Apple products usually garner, it quickly sold out online and was placed on back order for many consumers who were ready to shovel out at least $350 for the cheapest model.

There is no general consensus out yet on whether the watches are worth the hefty price tag.

The New York Times insisted that the watch is hard to appreciate until you really take the time to figure out how to use it, which is easier said than done.

Unlike today’s releases of new cellphones or iPads, the publication warns that there is a pretty “steep learning curve” for the watch.

That’s, of course, only to be expected considering the fact that the smart watch business is a relatively new venture.

Others praised Apple’s new device as the best on the market, but others had a clear message for those trying to decide if they should give up a few hundred dollars to own one.

“You don’t need one,” another review quipped.

Not to mention the staggering price tag that left many longtime Apple followers feeling a little betrayed and cheated.

“What was Apple thinking with these breath-catchingly high prices,” an article from Yahoo questioned. “Is it hoping to depict these as exclusive, rarefied, aspirational products? By offering a $10,000 model, is it hoping to make the $350 and $550 watches look like bargains?”

It isn’t clear what drove Apple to release the watches with such hefty price tags, but in all fairness it’s not as if Apple built a brand of affordability.

Should anyone really be surprised that the tech giant is charging so much for its debut smart watch?

The only thing that’s really shocking is the fact that Apple’s new watch seems to be riddled with the kind of bugs you wouldn’t expect from such an expensive gadget.

Tech reviews have complained about the watch’s slow speed, short battery life and lack of a charging stand unless you’re trying to purchase the $10,000 model.

Ultimately, the watches release only proved how strong of a following Apple has garnered and how loyal these consumers are.

There have not been many reports that justify the watch’s prices while there are a collection boasting cheaper smart watches that are arguably more appealing than Apple’s version.

Either way, consumers will have to wait until April 24, when consumers actually start getting their hands on the watches, to see if the watch really measures up to expectations.

10 Best (and Worst) Apple Watch Accessories


Nomad’s Pod

Price: $59.99

This portable battery pack will extend the life of your Apple Watch. Even though the Apple Watch can be functional up to 18 hours, if you talk on the phone for up to three hours, the watch dies. Nomad will start shipping June 15. The Nomad’s Pod can also charge other USB-powered devices and the all-new MacBook model. This is one of the good accessories out there.

apple-watch-reserve-strapReserve Strap

Price: $249.99

The Reserve Strap will boost the watch’s standard battery life. This is a very useful accessory, but there is very little information to go on. There is no real release date, however, you can preorder the product.

Apple Watch Scheduled to Hit Shelves This April, According to Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook finally released information that many people have been waiting for — when can consumers get their hands on an Apple Watch?

Cook recently announced during a quarterly earnings call with investors that the watch will be released this April, marking the first major new product release by Apple since it debuted the iPad back in 2010.

Apple teased tech lovers with their first look at the watch in September and promised it would be the company’s “most personal device ever.”

With buzz around the watch already stirring, Apple certainly has to deliver on its promises, but that’s something Cook isn’t worried about.

Cook is confident about the smartwatch’s development as well as the value app makers are already adding to the device.

“We’re making great progress in the development of it,” Cook said, according to The Verge.

He then added that the response from developers and app makers has been quite impressive.

“We’re seeing some incredible innovation,” he said.

Cook also had to defend the company against some anxious consumers who felt like April wasn’t quite early enough.

Some people claimed that the CEO’s decision to refer to April as an “early” part of 2015 was misleading.

According to the tech mogul’s calendar, however, “early” is exactly where April would fall.

He explained that Apple separates the year into three, fourth-month periods. The first period would be considered early, the next represents the middle and the last would be described as late.

Based on those terms, April would indeed be considered early 2015.

While some users wish the watches were coming out earlier, other consumers are still saving up for the device. The smartwatch will come with a pretty hefty price tag, starting at $349.

Three versions of the smartwatch will be available, with the most expensive option being the “ultra-premium Apple Watch Edition.”

This version of the watch has the potential to reach up to $1,000, with some people estimating a price even higher than that.

Of course, these are just speculations as Apple has not officially released any new pricing information or other news about what consumers should expect from the new product.


Apple and Google Face Off in a Battle of the Smart Watches

Apple and Google are at the forefront of discussions about technology’s latest craze – smart watches.

While both competitors prepared to duke it out to produce the preferred go-to smart watch, it seems many tech experts are having a hard time finding substantial differences between the two products.

In other words, Google may have closed the technology gap that used to exist between Android-operated and iOS-operated devices.

Quite frankly, the gap may have already been closed for quite some time.

Digital Trends took a close look at Android Wear and Apple’s soon-to-be released Apple Watch, but their stats reveal that the competitors may have more in common than they would like to admit.

Both watches will come packed full of useful features.

Android Wear will provide users with useful voice commands powered by Google Now while the Apple Watch will provide voice commands through Siri.

Both products will feature multiscreen functionality and fitness and health monitoring, according to Digital Trends.

Android Wear devices boast Google Fit while the Apple Watch will likely utilize the Healthbook app for its product.

One thing Android Wear has already provided that may not be available on the Apple Watch is location specific information.

According to Digital Trends, “Android Wear takes note of your exact location to give you issue relevant notifications and contextual reminders.”

With Apple’s smart watch not scheduled to be released until early 2015, these specifics have not been released just yet.

Tech experts believe, however, that Apple will likely take notes from Google’s device and include similar features.

While the watches seem relatively similar for the most part, outside of design aspects, the Apple Watch does boast some useful features that Google’s device doesn’t.

The Apple Watch will feature a “Digital Crown” dial that will allow users to interact with the watch without having to block the screen with their finger.

Also, the Apple Watch is promised to feature a heart rate sensor while the Android Wear’s heart rate sensor will depend on the manufacturer.

Both watches will have different versions that will also be waterproof.

As for those design features, the watches look just as you would expect an Apple and Google product to look.

Keeping in line with the sleek designs its brand has become known for, Apple’s smart watch looks like something out of a new science fiction flick.

The white watch features a black screen with sleek rounded corners on the rectangular face.

Designs for Android Wear, on the other hand, will vary based on which device you decide to go with.

Android Wear will give users the option of getting a square face or a round face.

If you’re looking for a larger variety in designs, however, Apple may still have its competitor beat.

While no rumors of a round-faced Apple Watch have surfaced, the tech giant will feature several different designs that are likely to appeal to a fashionable tech-savvy crowd.

One model will boast 18-karat gold while the Apple Watch Sport focuses on functionality and comfort over design aesthetics.

When it comes down to it, both watches seem to promise a good experience for users.

Some Android Wear models are available for as low as $250 while the Apple Watch prices will start at $350.

Either way, it seems like this tech battle will be determined by what phone consumers already have.

Neither of the devices seems to promise enough to have an iPhone user rushing to buy an Android device or vice versa.