6 Incredible Bionic Animals That Researchers Have Already Created

Many people know there are robotic dogs and T.rexes on the toy shelves right now. However, more bionic animals, used for various activities, have been developed globally. Here are six different types of robots being made in labs that are currently being used:


Origami Snake Robots

Harvard researchers have designed a paper snake robot that runs on nothing but air. Their flexible bodies allow them to move into areas hard robots can’t. According to the research team led by George Whitesides, the “soft” robots are also able to lift 100 times their weight. They are pretty much a real life Baymax from Big Hero 6.

robotinsect05_adi_webInsects, Grasshoppers, Butterflies

There are a variety of insect-based robots. In 2012, insect robots were introduced at a TED Talks conference. These tiny robots could swarm, maneuver like flies and even play music.

There is a grasshopper robot that was developed at the University of Bath in the United Kingdom that can leap and walk on all terrains. The robot was developed by Rhodri Armour, a graduate student at the university.

The robotic butterflies were developed by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. Their goal is to learn more about the behavioral patterns of butterflies.