10 Female Horror Writers Worth Checking Out

Sci-fi and horror writers like Octavia Butler, Virginia Hamilton, N. K. Jemisin, and Tananarive Due have been featured on Blerds before and have become major symbols for diversity in these genres. Their writing has influenced others and their works have spread like wildfire. In a genre like horror where white males dominate, there are new voices that are out there changing the landscape for the better and adding much needed perspective.  Here are some of those voices.

7045687391_63f9cdfd2cLinda D. Addison

Addison is a poet and short story writer that focuses on the supernatural. She is the first Black person to win a Bram Stroker Award. In fact, the author has won three Bram Stroker Awards for her poetry collections, “Consumed, Reduced to Beautiful Grey Ashes” in 2001, “Being Full of Light, Insubstantial” in 2007 and “How To Recognize A Demon Has Become Your Friend” in 2012.

new-jemiah-200pxJemiah Jefferson

Jefferson is a contemporary horror writer but she has also written erotic fiction in the early days of her career. Jefferson is currently a comic/manga editor in the editorial department at Dark Horse Comics where she has worked on comics including “Emily the Strange.” Some of her novels include Mixtape for the Apocalypse (2011) and Voice of the Blood (2011).

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Samuel R. DelanySamuel R. Delany

Delany is a successful sci-fi author and literary critic. He has taught at the University of Buffalo and at Temple University. Over his long career, he has earned four Nebula Awards and two Hugo Awards — one for “Babel-17” in 1966 and the second for “The Einstein Intersection” in 1967. His novels focus on issues of sexuality, mythology and language. Some of his sci-fi works include: “The Bridge of Lost Desire,” “Distant Stars,” “Driftglass: Ten Tales of Speculative Fiction,” “The Einstein Intersection,” “Empire: A Visual Novel,” “Empire Star,” “Equinox,” “The Fall of the Towers,” “Flight from Neveryon (Return to Neveryon),” “Hogg,” “The Jewels of Aptor,” “Mad Man,” “They Fly at Ciron,” “Times Square Red, Times Square Blue,” “Trouble on Triton: An Ambiguous Heterotopia.”

hamilton1Virginia Hamilton

Hamilton is a children’s author who has written 40-plus books in her career. Her most popular work is “M.C Higgins, the Great.” That book earned her the Newbery Award in 1975 and the National Book Award in 1974. Her books include: “The All Jahdu Storybook,” “The Dark Way: Stories from the Spirit World,” “Dustland (Odyssey 2),” “Justice and Her Brothers (Odyssey 1),” “The Gathering (Odyssey 3),” “The House of Dies Drear,” “The Mystery of Drear House: The Conclusion of the Dies Drear Chronicle,” “Sweet Whispers,” “Brother Rush.”