DRIVEN Global Marks First Black-Owned Golf and Beverage Company

Two entrepreneurs will make history by launching the first Black-owned golf and fine beverage company.

Mark Thierry and Greshaun Fulgham, the founders of DRIVEN Global, have turned out to be a match made in heaven when it comes to business partnerships, but the two entrepreneurs didn’t find each other.

America’s first African-American billionaire and Black Entertainment Television (BET) founder Robert L. Johnson paired the self-made millionaires together.

What Johnson knew would be a great business partnership eventually developed into a close friendship as well.

Now, the business partners-turned-best friends are changing the face of golf.

There has been much discussion lately about how to get Black consumers interested in golf.

Introducing a Black-owned golf brand might be the first step to achieving that goal.

An official launch date has not been announced, but the Herald Online reports that DRIVEN Golf will launch sometime this fall – making it the first minority-owned golf brand dedicated to inspiring first-time golfers of color and urban socialites.

As for fine beverages, the pair will also be launching Destiny Moscato.

The American Sparkling Moscato will be a new product of Red Styxx Beverage, a subsidiary of DRIVEN Global.

The Destiny Moscato launch date is scheduled for Oct. 2  and will take place in Houston.

The two entrepreneurs are certainly on their way to breaking down boundaries and etching their names into business history books, and they may have their differences to thank for that.

While they are both driven businessmen, they tend to work and think differently, but even in the world of business, opposites attract.

“Thierry thrives off risk-taking, Fulgham masters structure,” the Herald Online reports. “When Thierry was thinking national, Fulgham was going global. What binds them together is the dream.”

That dream is much larger than profits and revenue.

“The Dream involves the awareness that everyone has more to this life that they can strive for,” Thierry told the Herald Online. “The Dream that a golf club, or anything for that matter, can be a metaphor for someone making the best of themselves.”

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