10 Awesome and Successful Women in the Field of Computer Science You Should Know


Justin_Maddox_Rakia_Finley1Rakia Finley

Finley is the founder and CEO of Surge Assembly. The technology firm’s goal is to promote growth in terms of racial and gender diversity. Her business started in 2003-04. At that time, she was helping nonprofits in the Washington, D.C., area expand into the thriving tech world. She and her brother help these organizations with their websites and email marketing.



Kimberly Bryant

In 2011, Bryant founded San Francisco-based nonprofit Black Girls Code. Her organization has been responsible for inspiring 1,500 girls to work in technology fields such as robotics, video game design, mobile phone application development and computer programming. In 2014, she received the White House Champions of Change for Tech Inclusion award for work to diversify the tech industry.

8 Top Technology Jobs You Should Anticipate in the Coming Year


E-Personal Assistants

Apple’s Siri will influence many new products to develop digital assistants. Adding an e-personal assistant to support an existing product and/or service will create many new careers. It also means that people can be digital assistants as businesses move on the Internet.

Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Robotics and Automation

Artificial Intelligence and Siri-like voice communications will create many new career opportunities from design, programming and installation to service and maintenance, to name just a few. Robots are now in the sky as drones and in the surgery room.