Eggplants Are Officially Too Naughty for Instagram’s Emoji Search

As Instagram rolls out its new emoji hashtag search feature, the social media giant is still trying to keep its users minds out the gutter by disabling a search for the eggplant emoji.

And we ALL know why.

The powers of Black Twitter are mysterious ones. The digital community’s hearty blend of activism and comedy has never failed to capture the attention of many and redefine the parameters of communication forever — especially when it comes to the way we all view the once innocent eggplant.

A rather naughty trend of men posting pictures on Twitter and Instagram wearing the type of pants or boxers that flaunted their “eggplants” forever banished the purple fruit into the land of naughty, sexual innuendo.

For that reason, Instagram users won’t be allowed to search for the eggplant hashtag with Instagram’s new emoji search feature.

Of course, it’s likely that other emojis that are now popular for their sexual innuendo will still give users their share of naughty photos — like the peach, banana, corn cob, tongue-out smiley and water squirt emojis.

Even the peeping eyeballs emoji will likely start giving users some interesting results.

But out of all of these emojis, the eggplant was certainly the most commonly used for solely sexually explicit purposes so it’s no surprise it’s the only one being blocked from the search.

Some users have expressed confusion, however, over the fact that a lot of seemingly violent emojis haven’t been blocked such as the creepy chef’s knife along with the bomb, gun and bloody syringe.

In all fairness, these emojis haven’t been linked to a lot of violent posts in the past and aren’t often used in a way that directly references their use as weapons.

Yes, the language of emoji is just weird like that.

Eggplants are vulgar, and bombs usually have nothing to do with actual explosives.

Won’t be long before courts are bringing in emoji experts to decode social media messages for evidence.