5 of the Best Reactions to Apple’s New Diverse Emojis That Show Just How Divided Users Are About It


Many of the Emojis Look Like ‘Simpsons’ Characters

This is a valid reaction. The yellow emojis are supposed to represent the many different Asian people on Earth. There has been outrage over this claiming that Apple used yellow-face. However, the emojis are this golden yellow color to stand out and be distinctive from the white human emojis. Many people compared these emojis to Simpsons characters. In fact, these emojis may use yellow as a default like the Simpsons uses it as a default for white. According to Huffington Post writer Damon Beres, “The yellowish color isn’t meant to be a skin tone at all. It’s not included in the skin tone options provided by Unicode and appears to be intended to be used as a kind of default color.” So yellow does not represent people of Asian descent.