Halle Berry Talks Storm and Possible ‘X-Men’ Solo Film at SDCC

In an interview with Deadline, actress Halle Berry discusses Storm and a possible solo film in the X-Men universe.

Berry has become a regular attendee to San Diego Comic Con over the years due to Fox’s X-Men franchise that has resurged in popularity in the last two years.

The studio and actress are hoping to continue that success by rolling out more films like X-Men Apocalypse, Deadpool, more Wolverine and much more. But with all of that, where are the Black superheroes in this equation?

For Berry, she wants a Storm solo film.

“In a heartbeat. In a heartbeat I would do a Storm movie. I love that character through and through. So if that ever became an opportunity for me, if it’s before I’m 65 years old, I would absolutely do that,” says Berry.

She goes on to say:

“Well, I think they should do it. If the fans want that the fans need to speak up and I’m sure it would be a possibility. If Fox felt like they could make money off of a Storm movie I’m sure they would do it.”

The sad reality is that Storm, as portrayed by Berry, is not very well received by fans. Many people have wanted the character to be darker-skinned because of issues of representation and comic continuity.

Alexandra Shipp has been chosen to play the younger Ororo Munroe/Storm.

As for Berry, the actress has ventured into the realm of TV with her summer hit Extant. The CBS show has done well and is into its second season.



10 Things You May Not Have Known About the Fearless Comic Character Storm

The X-Men are incredibly popular, and one of the most popular superheroes on the team is Storm, whose real name is Ororo Munroe. She’s been a fixture in the X-Men team and transcended the comic into cartoons, video games and movies. She has her own ongoing series, but it’s in danger of being canceled after only five issues. So, to help raise awareness, here are some cool facts you probably didn’t know about everyone’s favorite Black female superhero. This list is courtesy of Maurice and Nigel from thegeektwins.com

Storm Was Originally Supposed to Be a Man

Back in the 1970s, Marvel editor Roy Thomas was trying to develop an international team of mutants to appeal to foreign markets. Originally, the Black female of the team was supposed to be called “Black Cat,” who could turn into a humanoid cat. She had a similar costume as Storm but without the cape and a “cat-like haircut with tufts for ears.” Unfortunately, artist Dave Cockrum discovered several other female cat characters had been developed like Tigra, The Cat and Pantha. The team suggested he use his idea for a male character who could control weather, called “Typhoon,” and turn him into a woman.


Storm Is the First Black Female Superhero

Storm first appeared in “Giant-Size X-Men #1” (1975), which was written by Len Wein and penciled by Dave Cockrum. She was one of the first Black comic book characters and is the first Black female in mainstream comics.